Sunday, September 18, 2016

Measuring Capacity with Water - Term 2

How many cups of water will it take to fill this tall container?

This large container held about 18 cups of water............

Careful pouring.

Boys hard at work measuring.

We enjoyed working together in small groups to answer our questions.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Welcome to Room 7's blog.

We hope you enjoy viewing Room 7's ongoing work. We are a Year 1 & 2 class. The students are very proud of their achievements. You are most welcome to leave a positive comment on our blog.  

D Palmer

Reflective Symmetrical Patterns

In numeracy, we have been looking at symmetrical patterns and also reflection and rotation. These beautiful cut-out patterns were made by Room 7 students working with Mrs Cooper. They were quite challenging but very rewarding. Well done Room 7.

Olympics 2016

We have been enjoying our Olympic inquiry in Room 7. We painted our hands in the olympic ring colours and then made handprints. Then we made the handprints into the five olympic colours to make a giant ring symbol for our class. We had our own wonderful school olympic day, complete with medals and ceremonies.